Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Six steps to JBoss (and Tomcat) with IIS 7

I've had a devil of a time getting IIS 7 talking to JBoss. It took 3 different sites and flash of insight to get all the settings working. I'm not a system administrator, and I'm not an IIS expert, so I may have missed a default somewhere or gone further than I needed to. Here's what I did, in hopes it helps you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Java Components and Package Visibility

I have a recurring problem: I want to build a component within a large application. Here's an example: I want to synchronize QuickBooks Invoices with my application's invoices. The component API produces and consumes application invoices, sales reps, accounts, and customers, but the internals of the sync task are very complicated, involving 3rd-party Invoices, maps to interface invoice-like objects, synchronizers, etc. The main app has no need to know most of this stuff.

Java provides no mechanism to build a subclass structure for my sync component--I must either build the whole thing in a single package containing hundreds of package-scoped objects, or I must build public objects visible to the rest of my app so my component can have an internal package structure which models its behavior.

What I really need is a visibility modifier making classes only visible to their sub-packages.